This Christmas prepare to be swept back in time to a golden era of vintage glamour and witness the dawn of Hollywood

‘Journey To The Moon’ is our homage to the legendary directors of silent film, the visionary pioneers capable of transporting audiences to fantastical, far away worlds that stretched the boundaries of the imagination.

Your journey will take you back to the 1920s and the prestigious premiere of the latest film fromThe Brewery Picture Co. ‘ Journey To The Moon’. On arrival you will laugh in the face of prohibition and take cocktails alongside our director and the big screen stars of the movie. Next you will get a peek behind the scenes as you are taken away to dine and catch a glimpse of the set before heading back to the party where we expect nothing less than frivolous behaviour late into the night.

As a highly respected member of high society we do hope you can join us to celebrate what we are sure will be another blockbuster from The Brewery Picture Co. (for a minimal fee of course - see packages).